SUNDAY, April 21, 2024

Why Digital Twins are powering the shift to metaverse for business

Why Digital Twins are powering the shift to metaverse for business

How will the metaverse build an immersive “mirror” of our real world of shops, products, companies and venues? And how can businesses in Thailand and elsewhere gain access to this lucrative virtual world, dubbed “the next internet”?

Answers to these questions were provided by Anothai Wettayakorn at “Metaverse Expo Thailand” on Sunday.

"The metaverse has already happened, and it is expanding," said Anothai, regional director for US-based Dell Technologies.

Bloomberg Intelligence estimates that the fast-growing metaverse market will be worth US$783.3 billion (28 trillion baht) by 2024. Not surprisingly, businesses ranging from large corporations to SMEs are looking for a slice of this market, and the Thai private sector is no exception.

Anothai said cloud technology will be key to the metaverse strategies of companies transitioning to the “next internet”.

He explained that the metaverse is currently a patchwork of separate immersive pockets that will eventually be stitched together to form a seamless virtual platform.

Development of this virtual world requires huge computing power to drive real-time immersive experiences – which is where cloud technology comes in.

But also helping to build the metaverse is Dell’s Digital Twin technology, Anothai said.

Digital Twin tech enables individuals, companies and organisations to duplicate real-world items and processes in the digital world.

He added that businesses can use cloud and Digital Twin technology to provide customers with immersive experiences in everything from work and education to shopping, health and leisure.

These metaverse experiences would drive the digital economy and boost global gross domestic product, he predicted.

"In the future, many organisations will focus on doing ‘anything from anywhere’," he said.

"The question isn't when the change will happen, but how to prepare organisations to deal with changes," he added.

The three-day “Metaverse Expo Thailand”, organised by Nation Group, wrapped up on Sunday.


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