Cooler days ahead in upper Thailand as cold winds blow in from China


The upper parts of Thailand will experience a cold snap with temperatures falling by up to 4 degrees Celsius until next Friday.

The Thai Meteorological Department’s 7-day weather forecast said that from Saturday to Tuesday, a moderate high-pressure system from China will bring light rainfall, strong winds and cooler temperatures in upper Thailand. The Northeast will be hit by the cold snap first before it spreads to the rest of the upper parts of the country.

From Tuesday to Friday, another high-pressure system will cover the upper regions of Thailand and the Northeast monsoon will also become stronger, bringing the temperature down by another 2 to 4 degrees.

The mercury is expected to drop to 15ᵒC in the North and Northeast, 19ᵒC in the Central region and 20ᵒC in the East.

The department added that over the next week, the South will experience continued and isolated heavy rain due to a monsoon trough, which will also create up to 2-metre high waves during thundershowers.

Cooler days ahead in upper Thailand as cold winds blow in from China

The department has issued a warning of flash floods and runoffs in the South, especially along waterways near foothills and lowlands. Ships have been advised to proceed with caution and keep off thundershowers.