Contractor told to finish Bangkok's delayed Yellow Line amid flooding risk

TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2023

The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) has ordered speedy testing of water drainage systems for the Yellow and Pink line monorail services.

The Yellow Line project, which runs 30.4 kilometres from Lat Phrao to Samrong, had been scheduled to open next month. However, construction along the route of Lat Phrao and Srinakarin roads has been hit by delays.

The Pink Line, from Khae Rai in Nonthaburi to Min Buri in eastern Bangkok, follows the route of Ram Intra Road and is due to open in June next year.

The MRTA said it has now instructed the contractor, BSR Joint Venture, to speed up ground clearance and drainage testing to ease traffic flows along both routes.

The MRTA expects to restore traffic flow along the entire route by this year.

It said the Yellow Line project is now 99.02% complete, with traffic flow gradually being restored from Ratchada Intersection to Lat Phrao Intersection, and Srinakarin Road to Srinakarin intersection.

Meanwhile the Pink Line project is now 96.43% complete and traffic flow is easing everywhere except between Mayalarp Station and Watcharapol Stations.

The MRTA has also ordered the removal of obstacles preventing water drainage in flood-prone areas of the Pink Line project including Phra Nakhon Rajabhat University Station, Ram Inthra 3 Station, and Lat Pla Khao Station. Personnel and water pumps are also being prepared to handle any flooding along the project route during the upcoming wet season.

The MRTA confirmed testing of various systems is underway on the Yellow Line. The testing phase usually takes at least three months.

BSR Joint Venture comprises BTS Group Holdings (BTS), Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction Plc (STEC), and Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Plc (RATCH).