Thailand’s EV exports double in 2022, complementing surge in production


Exports of electric vehicles (EV) in 2022 rose to 9,515 units, double the number sold in the previous year, according to the Federation of Thai Industries' Automotive Industry Club.

Total EV production last year reached 92,746 units, increasing 37.93% year on year, the club reported on Thursday.

Of these, 84,685 units were hybrid electric vehicles, a 44.93% year on year increase in production, while 8,061 units were plug-in hybrid EV, whose production dropped 21.21% year on year.

Domestic sales of EVs in 2022 increased 86.58% to 72,158 units, said the club.

In the first month of this year, a total of 13,355 electric vehicles have been registered in Thailand: 7,687 are hybrid EVs, 4,707 are battery EVs, and 961 are plug-in hybrid EVs.

The auto club added that compared to last year, battery-powered passenger cars saw the highest jump in new registrations, up nearly 1,020% to 2,945 units in one month.

The government has set a target of making 30% of total car production EVs by 2030. To boost domestic adoption, a 3-billion-baht budget has been earmarked to fund the subsidy scheme which offers purchasers relief of 18,000 to 150,000 baht depending on the type of EV purchased.

The scheme also aims to set up 12,000 charging stations around the country and 40mW battery factories.