TUESDAY, April 16, 2024

Use AI ethically, securely, experts tell Bangkok seminar

Use AI ethically, securely, experts tell Bangkok seminar

At the “AI Gets Good” seminar in Bangkok, experts stressed the importance of the ethical and safe use of artificial intelligence (AI) to prevent potential adverse impacts on society.

The event, held at Dtac House on Friday, brought together professionals in the industry, including Sharad Mehrotra, CEO of Thai telecom giant True Corporation.

In the seminar, Mehrotra highlighted the increasing significance of AI ethics and safety over the past decade, especially since AI plays a key role in processing vast amounts of data to enhance business operations.

“As AI keeps getting better and better at performing a range of tasks, we also need to ensure AI also gets better and better at performing these tasks ethically and safely,” he said.

He added that True Corp, a key provider of technological infrastructure across Thailand, follows four key principles in ethical AI adoption, namely:

• Good intent: AI should only be used to benefit humans

• Fairness and bias mitigation: AI should not discriminate

• Data privacy and AI functionality: Customer data and the law should be fully respected

• Transparency: All AI decisions should be explainable.

“We believe an integrated approach that considers technology, people and ethics is critical for Thailand to harness the power of AI,” Mehrotra added.

Chonnikarn Jira

Chonnikarn Jira, head of True Digital Academy, emphasised the urgency of upskilling in Thailand to effectively address AI-related risks. True Corp envisions a collaboration between humans and AI, where “roles can be augmented and complemented by artificial intelligence”, he said.

In addition to hard skills like data science, Chonnikarn highlighted the importance of digital transformation, entrepreneurship and leadership skills.

Responsible AI

During a panel discussion, experts emphasised the need for a framework ensuring appropriate and transparent use of AI to minimise adverse impacts.

They highlighted the importance of collaboration between the government and private and public sectors to ensure prosperity in Thailand’s digital economy.

“We must ensure that the ecosystem for the country’s electronic transactions is reliable, secure, and instils confidence in usage,” said Chaichana Mitrpant, executive director of the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA).

He suggested that the government monitor global AI development, so it can identify risks and implement proper regulations, as well as issue laws to ensure the ethical, safe use of AI.

“We can use AI for economic prosperity, but should look into its ethics as well,” he said.

Use AI ethically, securely, experts tell Bangkok seminar

Jittat Fakcharoenphol, vice-chair of Kasetsart University's Computer Engineering Department, said corporations investing in AI development should adhere to principles such as fairness and transparency for the benefit of society.

“AI has significant potential to boost productivity and social improvement in Thailand. However, deploying AI systems carelessly may also cause harm,” he said.

Also, he said, it was necessary to create awareness among people from a young age as AI is changing fast.