Thai, Indian agencies brainstorm ways to attract tourists


The Tourism and Sports Ministry and the Tourism Authority of Thailand have each outlined a series of measures to attract visitors from India during a Wednesday meeting at The Leela Palace in India.

Tourism and Sports Minister Sudawan Wangsuphakijkosol put forward the following policies and directions aimed at attracting the target audience:

• Extending stays and generating increased tourism revenue from Indian tourists within Thailand;

• Promoting event marketing, such as for the “Maha Songkran World Water Festival” in Bangkok and other key provinces in mid-April;

• Promoting Indian film production within Thailand;

• Promoting tourism throughout the year.

Meanwhile, TAT has proposed five measures to the government with the aim of attracting 2 million Indian visitors in this year:

• Extending the visa waiver for Indian tourists which is now set to expire on May 10 of this year;

• Extending the visa waiver scheme from six months duration to two years;

• Facilitating travel for first-time Indian tourists visiting Thailand;

• Unlocking aircraft seat capacity under the aviation agreement between Thailand and India;

• Increasing the frequency of Air India’s flights from Mumbai to Bangkok from one flight daily to two flights.

Thai, Indian agencies brainstorm ways to attract tourists

After the meeting, the two organisations invited the CEOs of Indian tour operators to an “Amazing Thailand Executive Luncheon” to exchange views on promoting tourism within both countries.

The Indian tour operators gave the following advice to Thailand:

• If it were possible to unlock the limitations on aviation, Indian visitors to Thailand would increase;

• Thailand should host world-class events, such as sports and concerts;

• Thailand should develop contemporary tourism products to attract Indian millennials and luxury tourists;

• Thailand should conduct marketing communication specifically aimed at Indian tourists.

The Indian market presents an opportunity for growth in visitors to Thailand given it is now the world’s most populous nation at 1.437 billion people.