SUNDAY, March 03, 2024

Chef Chumpol promises a memorable Thai feast for Apec leaders

Chef Chumpol promises a memorable Thai feast for Apec leaders

Chumpol Jangprai, an eminent Thai chef, has promised to infuse the cuisine and even the cutlery at the Apec Summit with Thainess to tell the wonderful story of Thailand.

He was speaking at a press conference on Monday evening, while serving some menu samples to Thai and foreign media.

As the media praised Tom Yum Kung Croquette in the sample menu, he barely managed to conceal his proud smile.

"Aside from the delicious flavour, each of my ingredients and menus has a fascinating backstory. Chicken from the South, organic rice from the once-dry land in the Northeast, juicy river prawns from Central Thailand — they all reflect the regional lifestyle," Chumpol stated.

He said even the plate, dishes, utensils, decorations, and tableware have Thai stories to tell.

Welcome To Thailand, one of the menu to serve at the APEC gala dinner

Therefore, all Apec leaders and their spouses will see and taste Thainess in every bite, chef Chumpol assured.

"I believe that Thai food is the most influential soft power of the country. It is our natural soft power that is in our very roots. May I be a Thai chef representative to express the spirit of our Thai recipes," he said.

Chumpol also promised that this memorable menu, themed "Sustainable Thai Gastronomy”, would be timed perfectly to highlight Thailand's food security.