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MONDAY, March 20, 2023
New video shows drug party at Bangkok 'triad club': Chuwit

New video shows drug party at Bangkok 'triad club': Chuwit

WEDNESDAY, January 04, 2023

Former massage parlour tycoon and politician Chuwit Kamolvisit has released a video clip allegedly showing drug dealing at Bangkok's Jinling nightclub, the focus of a police crackdown on Chinese triad activity in Thailand.

Police raided the nightclub in Bangkok’s Yannawa district in October, and 104 revellers, 99 of whom were Chinese, tested positive for drugs. Police also seized recreational drugs and about 30 luxury vehicles.

The following month, Chuwit handed the police information on alleged Chinese triads operating in Thailand and using Jinling nightclub as a base.

The tip-off led to an arrest warrant being issued for alleged triad kingpin Chaiyanat “Tuhao” Kornchayanant.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Chuwit said the video showed pub staff removing drugs from a wooden tray and selling them to customers after being alerted that police were on their way. He claimed the video was taken at around 11pm on October 26, just before the raid. He said police had not seized the visibly drug-tainted tray as evidence, prompting him to question the transparency of the investigation.

New video shows drug party at Bangkok 'triad club': Chuwit

Chuwit claimed that a similar tray was also found in the Toyota Alphard van belonging to Chaiyanat that police later confiscated on December 27, which proved that he was linked to the Jinling nightclub.

Chuwit previously posted CCTV footage he claimed was shot inside the nightclub on October 25, one day before it was raided. The video shows staff selling party drugs to patrons in front of the karaoke rooms.

"Jinling pub is a huge entertainment complex in Bangkok that features a casino, VIP and karaoke rooms for drug use, and prostitution,” said Chuwit, adding that he will continue to post more clips to prevent evidence from "mysteriously going missing" from the police investigation.