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Thai cat with ‘diamond’ eye goes viral on TikTok ahead of lottery

Thai cat with ‘diamond’ eye goes viral on TikTok ahead of lottery

TikTok clips of an orange tom cat with a shiny diamond-like left eye went viral on Wednesday, with netizens advising its owner to take good care of him because he will bring prosperity.

Four clips posted by @user3026088746242 show a male cat with a bizarre left eye in various poses. One clip drew 1.5 million views as of early Wednesday afternoon.

Most comments informed the cat’s owner that the cat would bring prosperity.

Some netizens also took the opportunity to predict lucky numbers for the February 1 lottery. Numbers may have been selected based on the TikTok user’s name or lucky numbers associated with dreaming of cats (usually 4, 8 and 7)

Many Thais believe that a cat with a diamond-coloured eye will result in diamonds being given to its owner. This belief was depicted in the 1972 Thai film "Cat's Eye Diamond".

However, what Thais refer to as a diamond eye in a cat is usually caused by glaucoma, not luck.

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