Bangkok PM2.5 readings to hit dangerous levels until Feb 4


The quality of air in 36 areas around Greater Bangkok fell to unsafe levels on Tuesday morning, reports from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) show.

PM2.5 (particles less than 2.5 micrometres in diameter) were in the range of 40-69 micrograms per cubic metre (μg/m3) in most areas.

Thailand’s standard for safe levels of PM2.5 is 50μg/m3 or lower, while the World Health Organisation puts it at 12μg/m3 or lower.

Exposure to fine dust particles can be dangerous for people with chronic respiratory problems and can cause eye, nose, throat and lung irritation as well as shortness of breath among others.

As of 7am, the top 10 most polluted districts in Bangkok were:

• Nong Khaem: 69μg/m3

• Taling Chan: 60μg/m3

• Thawi Watthana: 60μg/m3

• Khlong Sam Wa: 60μg/m3

• Lat Krabang: 60μg/m3

• Nong Chok: 60μg/m3

• Phasi Charoen: 59μg/m3

• Pathumwan: 59μg/m3

• Bangkok Yai: 58μg/m3

• Din Daeng: 57μg/m3

Bangkok PM2.5 readings to hit dangerous levels until Feb 4

BMA warned people to be prepared for air pollution readings to surge until Saturday (February 4) due to poor air circulation.

It also advised residents in areas where the air quality is bad to avoid outdoor exercise and check the air quality before stepping outdoors.

The state of PM2.5 pollution can be monitored via, the Bangkok Environment Department, Air Quality and Noise Management Division, the BMA Facebook page or the AirBKK smartphone application.

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