Forum proposes 12 rules for combatting climate change


Carbon credit, green business models and industry specific regulations are among the “12 rules to combat climate change” listed by a forum on climate change that included representatives from the government and the private sector on Friday.

Minister of Environment Varawut Silpa-Archa told the Climate Action Leader forum that he was delighted to see companies joining the government to ensure Thailand meets its commitment of becoming carbon neutral by 2050 and achieves net-zero emissions by 2065.

The forum – organised by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, in collaboration with Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation – concluded that Thailand will be able to attain its environmental goals more quickly if it follows 12 rules.

Forum proposes 12 rules for combatting climate change

The 12 rules proposed by the Climate Action Leader are:

1. Act fast, act now: Thailand needs to address climate change as a matter of national security since it impacts trade, investment, food security, energy, and water.

2. Tougher environmental laws: Stricter regulations regarding the environment have to be implemented.

3. Collaboration between sectors: The government need to promote collaboration with companies and people.

4. Technological leverage: Technological development needs to be used to help the country achieve its environmental goals.

5. Green business models: Companies need to adhere to green business models.

6. Green Taxonomy: The government should promote the use of green taxonomy.

7. Publicity: Thailand must make its environmental regulations more widely known, especially to investors.

8. Focus on forests: Forests must receive more protection from the government because they are crucial to addressing climate change.

9. Carbon credit: Carbon-credit technologies must be used more frequently.

10. Carbon pricing: Carbon-pricing technologies must be used more frequently.

11. Environmental policies: Industry-specific policies should be used so that each industry achieves its environmental goals.

12. Change for our children: All sectors should consider their impact on future generations in the fight against climate change.

Forum proposes 12 rules for combatting climate change Forum proposes 12 rules for combatting climate change