Further charge levied against ex-husband of alleged cyanide poisoning killer


Deputy national police chief Surachet Hakparn provided an update on the progress of police investigation into the cyanide poisoning case against Sararat “Am” Rangsiwuthaporn on May 16, saying that the police have filed an additional charge against sacked Pol Lt Col Withoon Rangsiwuthaporn.

Pol Lt Col Withoon Rangsiwuthaporn was charged for his involvement in helping his ex-wife Sararat destroy evidence related to the killing of Siriporn "Koy" Khanwong, one of her several suspected victims. 

According to the latest investigation report, police found that Pol Lt Col Witoon hid one of Siriporn's handbags before sending it to his ex-wife's friend who resides in Phetchaburi province.

Pol Lt Col Withoon was earlier charged with receiving stolen items, forgery, and using forged official documents.

Deputy national police chief Surachet also said that 4-5 other people involved in the case are currently under interrogation as witnesses.

Referring to the recent interrogation of Sararat's mother and her sister-in-law to whom Sararat mailed the parcel containing the suspected victim's handbag, it was found that neither was aware of the contents of the parcel and police found no involvement on their part.

Sararat was arrested by police on April 25 in Bangkok for her suspected involvement in the cyanide poisoning of at least 14 people whom she knew well and who had loaned her money or invested money through her in various questionable schemes.