Investment adviser gives Thai stocks outlook for the next 2 months

FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2023

The Thai stock market is expected to remain on a horizontal trend for the next 2 months so those looking to invest should choose stocks unlikely to be affected by the next government's policies. That’s the advice being given by Manit Sarayuttikorn, owner of the web page "Bert Manit".

His focus, he writes, is on generating profits both in futures trading and from the purchase of stocks.

There could be some deviations in the expected direction of the market if polls released prior to the announcement of the unofficial general election results are to be believed, thus it might be necessary to cut losses to minimise losses, he said.

With the Move Forward party taking the lead in forming a new government, the direction appears to be clearer even though the official election results, including the vote for the Prime Minister, are still pending. It is therefore safe to assume that the Thai stock market will remain volatile for the next two months, according to Manit.

He recommends purchasing stocks that are not directly affected by, or unrelated to the new government's policies, giving precedence to stocks in the beverage industry and shying away from stocks in the electricity sector and large-cap stocks.

Investment in stocks with strong fundamentals can also be considered sound opportunities, although Manit recommends close examination of financial statements, profitability, and performance indicators before buying,
And, regardless of the investment technique preferred, it is advisable for both new and experienced investors to understand the broader economic framework and consider weekly, or monthly trends when making decisions and always be prepared to sell to minimise potential losses, Manit added.