New transport master plan ready for Bangkok metropolis

FRIDAY, JULY 28, 2023

The Department of Rail Transport has come up with a new master plan for the rail transit system in the Bangkok metropolis covering the capital and its satellite provinces.

The department’s Second Mass Rapid Transit Master Plan in Bangkok Metropolitan Region (M-MAP 2) has a total of 33 routes to meet the increased demand from commuters as the city is growing, deputy government spokeswoman Tipanan Sirichana said on Friday.

She said that the M-MAP 2 comprises eight routes included in the M-MAP 1 that have not been constructed, 14 new routes, and 11 extensions of existing routes.

Under the original M-MAP, 242.34 kilometres of mass transit railways have been built and are operated in Bangkok and the surrounding provinces and another 105.40km is under construction, Tipanan said.

According to the spokeswoman, the development of transport and communication infrastructure is a part of the 20-year National Strategic Plan.

“The government of General Prayut Chan-o-cha is determined to develop the country, as it is pushing for the implementation of the M-MAP 2 to cope with future development,” Tipanan said.

She said that a modern public transport system would help reduce the need for private vehicles, which in turn would relieve traffic congestion, lower carbon dioxide emissions, stimulate the economy, and ensure sustainable national development.

The M-MAP 2 master plan consists of four groups of routes – four necessary routes that are ready for immediate construction, six necessary routes whose construction can begin in 2029, nine routes with the potential to pass a feasibility study under M-MAP 1, and 26 feeder lines.

The routes under M-MAP 2 involve various types of vehicles, including commuter trains, light rail, heavy rail, trams, and electric buses.