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SUNDAY, December 03, 2023

GPSC launches solar panel project

GPSC launches solar panel project
FRIDAY, August 04, 2023

To promote clean energy usage, Global Power Synergy (GPSC), a member company of the PTT Group, recently launched a campaign to install solar panels for government agencies and non-profit organisations.

The campaign “Kon Mee Fai” (energizing people) will help reduce the energy costs of these agencies, boosting their efficiency in serving society and promoting a sustainable environment, Rosaya Teinwan, GPSC’s executive vice president of business development, said on Thursday.

Also partnering in the campaign is the Renewable Energy Industry Club at the Federation of Thai Industries.

With a budget of 20 million baht, the Kon Mee Fai campaign is aiming to install on-grid solar panels with a combined capacity of 500 kw in five years (2023-2027), with the first 100 kw being installed this year. The panels are expected to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the equivalent of 6.9 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide.

“This project aims to create participation and ownership in the solar energy system,” said Rosaya. “Participants will sign a contract for joint operations and establish an energy fund to ensure sustainable maintenance of the system throughout its lifespan.”

She added that the campaign could also serve as a model for learning in energy conservation and climate change efforts for community leaders and government agencies.

Organisations interested in joining the campaign can scan the QR code or call (097) 150 5161 before August 31.

GPSC launches solar panel project