ONEP launches climate fund with support from German government


To tackle climate change by helping state agencies and private businesses reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP) has launched the Thai Climate Initiative Fund, or the Thai CI Fund, to provide much-needed financial support.

“Agencies or businesses will need substantial funding to adjust their operations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and this is where the Thai CI Fund will step in and make it possible,” Pirun Saiyasitpanich, ONEP’s secretary general, said on Wednesday.

He explained that the fund will provide financial support to state agencies, local administration organisations, educational institutes, NGOs working on environmental issues, as well as private businesses whose proposals for greenhouse gas reduction projects are approved.

Eligible projects could also focus on improving the environment related to the agencies’ or businesses’ operations, such as building wastewater treatment facilities, he added.

ONEP launches climate fund with support from German government

Sponsored by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action to the tune of 6.5 million euro or 234 million baht, the Thai CI Fund is expected to launch a call for proposals by the end of 2023.

Moving forward, Thai Ci Fund will also seek partnerships with financial supporters in Thailand and overseas to expand its coverage to more aspects of climate change operations, Pirun said.