Poll finds most Thais lack confidence in the performance of police officers


A recent opinion survey by the National Institute of Development Administration (Nida) learned that most Thais lack confidence in the police force’s integrity and performance.

The survey was conducted among 1,310 respondents aged 18 and above from October 2 to 5. The poll was conducted over the phone with randomly chosen respondents from across the country.

When asked if they are confident that Thai police perform their duty with integrity without allowing themselves to be seduced by influence and illegal interest, the answers were:

• 39.01%: Not quite confident

• 29.24%: Not confident at all

• 21.76%: Quite confident

• 9.69%: Very confident

• 0.30%: No comment

When asked if they are confident that the police will enforce the law strictly with transparency and discrimination, the replies were:

• 38.09%: Not quite not confident

• 24.05%: Not confident at all

• 27.48%: Quite confident

• 10.30%: Very confident

• 0.08%: No comment

The respondents were also asked about their perception of the performances and services provided by the police, and most said that they lacked confidence in the cops in those fields as well.

For instance, when asked if they are confident that the police can suppress social vices like gambling and drug abuse, they said:

• 35.95%: Not confident at all

• 32.98%: Not quite confident

• 20%: Quite confident

• 10.61%: Very confident

• 0.46%: No comment

When asked if they think there is unity within the Royal Thai Police, the respondents said:

• 30.77%: Not quite confident

• 30.46%: Not confident at all

• 23.89%: Quite confident

• 13.28%: Very confident

• 1.60%: No comment

Asked if they believe the reshuffling of senior police officers is fair, the respondents said:

• 41.37%: Not confident at all

• 29.47%: Not quite confident

• 17.79%: Quite confident

• 8.01%: Very confident

• 3.36%: No comment

Nida Poll also found that members of the public have confidence public members have confidence in several types of services by police.

For instance, when asked if they think police can provide immediate help in the case of road accidents, they replied:

• 38.78%: Quite confident

• 29.77%: Very confident

• 19.16%: Not quite confident

• 11.30%: Not confident at all

• 0.99%: No comment.