Majority of public concerned about govt's digital wallet scheme, Nida poll shows


More than half the people surveyed in a recent opinion poll expressed apprehensions about the appropriateness of the Thai government's “digital wallet” scheme.

The poll by the National Institute of Development Administration (Nida) conducted randomly by phone from October 9-11 surveyed 1,310 respondents aged 18 and above across the nation.

The survey showed that 47.10% suggested revising it to fit the current situation, 18.85% wanted it cancelled and 13.51 would not accept the 10,000-baht handout. Only 28.47% were not worried about the scheme.

When asked about their opinions and concerns regarding the government's policy of distributing 10,000 baht via digital wallets, which may, or may not be beneficial to the country (eg, causing inflation, increasing the cost of living, may / may not boost the economy), following warnings from 99 economists and scholars, the survey found:

— 30.92% indicated they were relatively concerned

— 28.47% indicated they were not concerned at all

— 25.27% indicated they were very concerned

— 15.19% indicated they were not very concerned

— 0.15% indicated they were unsure / no comment / did not care

Regarding the continuation of the policy to distribute 10,000 baht via digital wallets:

— 47.10% said the policy should continue but should be adjusted to the current situation

— 32.52% said the policy should continue as originally planned

— 18.85% said the policy should be discontinued

— 1.53% were unsure/did not respond/did not care.

When asked if they would accept the 10,000 baht distributed via digital wallets:

— 79.85% said they would accept the money and use it for expenses

— 13.51% said they would not accept the money

— 5.42% said they would accept the money, but not use it for expenses

— 1.22% were unsure / no comment / did not care.

When asked about the impact on the popularity of the Pheu Thai Party if the government cancels the digital wallet scheme, which they had promised during the election campaign:

— 60.00% indicated that it would negatively impact the popularity of Pheu Thai

— 29.92% stated that it would not have any impact on the party's popularity.

— 6.49% said it would increase the popularity of the Pheu Thai

— 3.59% said that they were not sure / no comment / not interested.