Poor air circulation causes PM2.5 dust levels to surge


Bangkok will be affected by soaring PM2.5 dust levels from today until at least November 25, as poor air circulation combines with stable atmospheric conditions,

according to forecasts by the Bangkok Air Quality Information Center, the Meteorological Department, and the Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency.

Data from the Pollution Control Department project the PM2.5 situation in Bangkok for the next 7 days as follows:

Monday, November 20: several areas in Bangkok are at a moderate level.

Tuesday, November 21-Thursday November 23: health impacts begin, with areas under observation including eastern Bangkok and southern Bangkok.

Friday, November 24: areas under observation include eastern Bangkok and northern Bangkok.

Saturday, November 25: the dust situation begins to improve, but eastern Bangkok and northern Bangkok remain under observation.

Sunday, November 26: moderate dust situation, areas under observation include eastern Bangkok and southern Bangkok.

The Environmental Office is coordinating with all relevant units to intensify the implementation of plans to address the PM2.5 dust problem and mitigate its severity and potential health impacts on the public. This includes warning the public to check air quality information before leaving home via various information channels:

AirBKK application (download via iOS, Android)

Website: www.airbkk.com

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Environmental Office Facebook page

Environmental Management and Noise Pollution Control Division Facebook page

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration's Facebook page


LINE OA @airbangkok

Pollution sources can be reported via Traffy Fondue (application on Android’s Google Play - a complaints reporting and management system platform of the Bangkok Municipality Administration)