Heavy rain in the South; temperatures rise nationwide


Most provinces will see a slight increase in temperature today (November 21) as the high-pressure system covering the country continues to weaken.

However, the northern, northeastern, central, including Bangkok and its environs, and the eastern regions will still experience cool weather in the morning and patches of fog. Residents in these areas are advised to take care of their health due to changing weather conditions and take extra care of the road.

The moderate northeast monsoon continues to prevail over the Gulf of Thailand and the southern region, resulting in some lower parts of the southern region being pounded by heavy rain.

In the lower parts of the Gulf of Thailand, waves will reach about 2 metres in height, higher during thunderstorms. The Andaman Sea will be calmer, with waves of about 1 metre.

People in the lower southern region are advised to be cautious of the dangers from heavy and accumulated rainfall, which could cause sudden flooding and flash floods, especially in foothill areas near waterways and low-lying areas. Boat operators should navigate with caution and avoid sailing in areas affected by thunderstorms.