THAI to sue passenger over critical Facebook post against airline


Thai Airways International Plc (THAI) is considering legal action against a passenger over a Facebook post criticising the operations of the airline, its pilots and flight crew, the airline said in an FB post on Thursday.

The Thai passenger on Monday had expressed his grievances flying flight TG465 from Bangkok to Melbourne on January 28.

The aircraft was diverted to land at Sydney airport, citing weather issues in Melbourne.

The man accused the flight captain of lying about bad weather and switching to landing at Sydney airport after only about 20 minutes of circling Melbourne airport.

In the announcement, the national flag carrier said that the man’s social media post had damaged the airline’s reputation and could affect passengers’ confidence. The airline, therefore, decided to pursue legal action against the passenger to protect its rights and its employees, and to set a standard to prevent such actions that could cause public misunderstanding in the future, THAI said.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, THAI had clarified that its pilot had decided to land flight TG465 in Sydney due to unfavourable weather conditions at Melbourne airport in southeastern Australia.

The airline also assured its customers that all its flight crews strictly followed international standards on air navigation and safety, and were certified by domestic and international supervising bodies.