Nation TV’s ‘True Reporters’ team earns Amnesty media award


The winning work, titled, "Unveiling Overlapping Land Disputes in Ancient City Si Thep", has received an honourable mention.

The Nation group expresses gratitude to Amnesty International Thailand for recognising the importance of human rights in issues related to housing and land for the people.

In 2023, UNESCO bestowed the title of World Heritage Site on the “Ancient Town of Si Thep and its Associated Dvaravati Monuments”.

Nation TV’s ‘True Reporters’ team earns Amnesty media award

However, there remains a group of people with both documented and undocumented land rights in the vicinity of that ancient city, an issue explored by the Nation programme.

Those people are unable to take any action on their lands due to their proximity to the historical site, and so the problem remains unresolved.

The team noted that Nation Group will continue to serve as a voice for the people, urging governmental agencies to pay attention and expedite the resolution of this issue.