Thai Airways confirms its flights have not been impacted by Mideast clashes

SUNDAY, APRIL 14, 2024

Chai Eamsiri, chief executive of Thai Airways International Pcl, has responded to reports that several countries in the Middle East have announced the closure of their airspace due to conflict between Iran and Israel.

Now, Thai Airways has adjusted flight plans to avoid these airspace closures by making minor route adjustments, ensuring that their overall service remains unaffected at this time.

Advance bookings for flights to Europe continue as usual, with close monitoring of the situation.

Korakot Chatasingha, chief commercial officer of Thai Airways International, disclosed that upon examining the current flight operations, including pre-booked flights, the airline has not experienced any impact from the recent airspace closures. It was noted that advance bookings are proceeding as usual without cancellations. Thai Airways is closely monitoring the situation and will provide continuous updates, Korakot said.

"Flights to Europe that traditionally pass through Middle Eastern airspace now see Thai Airways adjusting flight plans to avoid this airspace by using alternative routes outside of Iranian airspace. This adjustment has ensured that our services remain unaffected," he said.

Iran recently launched air attacks against Israel after that country bombed its consulate in Damascus, Syria, killing some senior Iranian officials.