Thief claims he drew inspiration from Hollywood heist movies


A thief devised an intricate plan inspired by Hollywood movies to rob luxury homes throughout Bangkok and its surrounding areas. But he was denied a happy ending, arrested by police.

On March 13, a robbery occurred inside a house in Bang Phli Yai subdistrict, Bang Phli district, Samut Prakan province.

The thief made off with valuables including luxury watches, diamond rings, gold bracelets, cash, and four CCTV cameras installed within the house where the incident took place, amounting to a total value of more than 100,000 baht.

Based on the surveillance footage, the police identified the perpetrator as a male individual. He was wearing a black cap, a black mask covering his face, a long-sleeved navy-blue shirt, a grey backpack, black pants, and black-and-white sneakers.

Thief claims he drew inspiration from Hollywood heist movies

Prior to the incident, the perpetrator travelled by bus from Ladprao Soi 128/2 and disembarked in the Bang Kapi area.

From there, he continued his journey by taking a minivan on the Bang Kapi-Paknam route to a shopping mall in the Sri Nakarin Road area.

Subsequently, he switched to a pickup-truck taxi, changing vehicles three times, before he walked to the location of the crime.

After committing the crime, the perpetrator walked about 2 kilometres.

Subsequently, he hired a motorcycle taxi to drop him off near the entrance of a residential area in Bang Phli. Then he took a taxi to another area called Bangkaew.

From there, he hailed another taxi to a temple called Wat Sri Iam. Afterwards, he boarded a bus to the Bang Kapi area and took another taxi to his accommodation located within Ladprao Soi 128/2.

Thief claims he drew inspiration from Hollywood heist movies

Throughout the journey, the perpetrator consistently wore a hat and a mask to conceal his identity.

Police investigation revealed that the perpetrator is Atthapol, also known as Tee, aged 32. On the night of April 19, he was apprehended in Khon Kaen province.

Upon questioning, the suspect confessed to committing the burglary at the mentioned house.

He admitted to selling the stolen items and using the proceeds for online gambling.

He explained that he utilised public transportation and changed vehicles multiple times before and after the crime to make it difficult for the police to track him down, drawing inspiration from Hollywood heist movies.

Thief claims he drew inspiration from Hollywood heist movies

Additionally, the suspect provided further information that on April 5, he committed a burglary at a house in the Bangkaew police station area. Furthermore, on March 17, he engaged in burglary activities in the area of Minburi.

He also confessed to committing burglaries in various locations within the Bangkok Metropolitan Area, but claimed he could not remember the exact locations and times of the incidents.