Chart Thai Pattana gets eco-friendly, goes for ‘speaking’ posters


In a bid to grab voters’ attention and prove it is serious about the environment, Chart Thai Pattana is using augmented reality (AR) to create “speaking” posters.

Natural Resources and Environment Minister Varawut Silpa-archa told the press about these AR campaign signs at his party’s headquarters on Sunday. He is also the party leader.

Varawut said these posters will carry a QR code, which when scanned will produce a video clip of the candidate as if he or she is standing at the location.

The candidate in the clip, often Varawut himself, will then explain the party’s policies, he said.

Chart Thai Pattana gets eco-friendly, goes for ‘speaking’ posters He added that thanks to AR technology, the party can launch new policies or update existing ones on these clips instead of putting up new posters.

“This will help reduce garbage, which is one of our key environment policies,” he said.