Marriage equality on the ballot as Thai political parties compete for gay votes

THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2023

Six political parties are vying for votes from Thailand’s gay community, with polices addressing gender equality and the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and other sexual and gender minorities (LGBTQ+).

The six parties with policies designed to attract votes from the gay community are Move Forward, Pheu Thai, Democrat, Chart Thai Pattana, Thai Sang Thai, and Chart Pattana Kla.

Move Forward

Move Forward has pledged to amend laws to promote gender equality and ensure that all genders have the rights and protections.

Its marriage equality bill will legalise same-sex marriage and provide same-sex couples with the same rights and responsibilities as their heterosexual peers.

The party also aims to allow people to decide whether or not they want to display a gender prefix on their National ID card.

Pheu Thai

Pheu Thai also supports marriage equality. It says it will promote Thailand as a global destination for LGBTQ+ tourists to stimulate tourism. It will also draft a guidebook and create an online platform to promote the rights of LGBTQ+ people.


The Democrats are pledging to make it easier for the LGBTQ+ community to hold Pride festivals and other events in public spaces. They are also pledging to work to prevent all types of sexual harassment and bullying, and ensure that all genders will have equal rights.

The party will also encourage media outlets to report on the community without bias.

Chart Thai Pattana

Chart Thai Pattana has promised to ensure that LGBTQ+ people can access jobs and public welfare to improve their livelihoods. The party says it will also advocate for social acceptance of LGBTQ+ people and gender equality.

Thai Sang Thai

Thai Sang Thai has pledged to introduce legislation to protect the rights of LGBTQ+ people, reduce discrimination against them, and implement gender-inclusive learning.

The party has also pledged to ensure access to welfare for LGBTQ+ people and expand the allowance for health-related leave to include gender-affirmation surgery.

Chart Pattana Kla

Chart Pattana Kla has pledged to create an ecosystem that will enable LGBTQ+ people to generate income and attract foreign LGBTQ+ tourists to Thailand.

Marriage equality on the ballot as Thai political parties compete for gay votes