TUESDAY, April 16, 2024

TCC chief hopes Thailand will not be plunged into turmoil while setting up new govt

TCC chief hopes Thailand will not be plunged into turmoil while setting up new govt

The Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC) welcomed the two coalition leaders’ compromise over the House speaker’s post and expressed hope that Thailand will have a new government soon.

TCC chairman Sanan Angubolkul said on Tuesday that the decision to give the post to Prachachart Party leader Wan Muhamad Noor Matha is a sign of unity among the eight coalition partners.

He added that he hopes they will continue being united in nominating Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat as the next prime minister.

Sanan believes the compromise is also a sign that the eight partners will enforce joint policies as announced in the coalition memorandum of understanding they signed.

The TCC chief added that the business sector hopes Thailand will soon get a new government without any protests or turmoil, so it can continue smoothly on its path to recovery.

He noted that Thailand’s economic outlook is still good as noted by several organisations including the World Bank, which forecast a 3.9% growth this year.

Sanan, meanwhile, sees two scenarios in the setting up of a government.

In the first scenario, Pita will win enough votes from senators to become PM and set up a Cabinet.

In the second, Pita fails to become PM and the coalition has to come up with a new candidate for the top job.

In the third scenario, a new coalition has to be formed once Pita is rejected by senators.

However, Sanan said, no matter what happens, he hopes Thailand will not once again be plunged into political turmoil.