Move Forward undecided yet on voting for Srettha in PM election


Despite the Move Forward Party's deputy leader suggesting voting for Pheu Thai's prime minister candidate, the party said it had not reached any decision in the matter.

After parting ways with election winner Move Forward, Pheu Thai has decided to build a coalition with Bhumjaithai. The two parties together have 212 seats in the House of Representatives. They have agreed to propose former real-estate tycoon Srettha Thavisin for the top job.

Both parties on Monday made announcements to the press requesting support for Pheu Thai's PM candidate from all parties regardless of their sides to help iron out the present constitutional, social, and economic crises.

Supisarn Bhakdinarinath, the deputy leader of Move Forward, had earlier said that he would propose voting for the Pheu Thai candidate for prime minister at the party meeting on Tuesday.

Supisarn said that doing so could remove any role for the junta-appointed senators from Thai politics, adding that Pheu Thai and Move Forward are “true friends” and “the door to work together again remains open”.

The Pheu Thai-led government has pledged to make the drafting of a new constitution a priority.

However, after the meeting, Supisarn told reporters that the agenda to vote for Srettha had not been offered since some party members had expressed their disagreement or remained silent.

Citing Move Forward secretary-general Chaitawat Tulathon, Supisarn said that the party still had no decision in this regard and it would discuss it again when the date for voting the PM is announced.

Pheu Thai and Bhumjaithai are now working to broaden their alliance in order to obtain adequate votes to ensure their candidate is elected the premier.