Pita quits as Move Forward Party leader


ฺPita Limjaroenrat resigned as Move Forward Party leader on Friday, relinquishing his chance of becoming opposition leader.

Pita explained in a Facebook post that he was forced to quit after being suspended as an MP pending the Constitutional Court ruling in his media shareholding case.

He also pointed out that Move Forward was forced into opposition despite gaining the most votes in the May 14 election.

Pita said he decided to quit as party chief after talks with his party's executive committee and MPs.

He added that Move Forward must lead the opposition in Parliament to promote change in Thailand, which is not part of government policies.

"Hence, I have decided to resign as Move Forward leader to allow the party to choose an MP who is able to become opposition leader in Parliament and party leader in my stead," he said.

He also vowed to contine to do his best for Move Forward and the people in order to drive forward reform in Thailand.

Move Forward insists it has the right to take the role of opposition leader.

Party secretary-general Chaithawat Tulathon is expected to succeed Pita as Move Forward leader.

Meanwhile, Pita invited Move Forward members to participate in the event "Move Forward continues" at the Thai-Japanese Stadium in Bangkok's Din Daeng district.