Court ruling could spell the extinction of Move Forward Party members


Most Move Forward Party (MFP) members and MPs could be banned from politics if the Constitutional Court rules that the party’s election campaign constituted an attempt to overthrow the monarchy, MFP deputy leader Sirikanya Tansakun said on Monday.

Sirikanya voiced her concerns during a press event at MFP headquarters, noting that the court would soon convene to deliberate two cases filed against the party which won most MP seats in the May 14 general election.

The first case relates to former party leader and party-listed MP Pita Limjaroenrat’s holding of shares in ITV Plc, a media company, allegedly in violation of the election laws.

The second case alleges MFP’s election campaign to amend Article 112 of the Criminal Code, known as the lese-majeste law, was an attempt to overthrow the democratic system of government with the King as head of state.

“I’m crossing my fingers for the court verdict, especially in the second case, which could result in most party members being banned for endorsing the campaign policy,” said Sirikanya.

“I hope the party survives this legal battle, which is just one of the many we have experienced and also hope they will end with this government,” she added. “I respect the democratic process to revoke or cancel something, but no independent entity should take part in deliberating on an election campaign.”

She noted that she and several party members have signed the document endorsing the move to amend Article 112, and as a result they could all be banned from politics and dismissed from political positions.

The repercussions could mean the extinction of Move Forward MPs, she said.