SUNDAY, April 21, 2024

Opposition fumes as government stays away from Parliament

Opposition fumes as government stays away from Parliament

The government came under fire from opposition parties and even a lawmaker of the ruling Pheu Thai Party as they failed to turn up to answer interpellations in Parliament.

Thursday’s parliamentary meeting featured seven interpellations, with only one of them being answered by a Cabinet member. That question was posed by an MP of the government whip.

Move Forward Party lawmaker Pakornwut Udompipatskul said that the government, which represents the country’s executive power, should “show respect” to Parliament, which, on the other hand, represents Thai legislative power.

Pakornwut, who also serves as the chief of the opposition whip, said that the absence of the ministers had resulted in unnecessarily losing their quota on filing an interpellation.

Meanwhile Jirat Thongsuwan, an MP of the largest opposition party, urged the government to come to Parliament, saying ministers need to answer the problems of the people.

Jirat wanted to ask Defence Minister Sutin Klungsang regarding the sunk HTMS Sukhothai, but the minister did not come to Parliament.

In response, Sutin said that he had informed the public earlier that he had come to Kanchanaburi province to visit Thai Reserve Officer Training Corps Students.

However, the criticism was also raised by the government’s whip chief Wisut Chaiyarun, who urged the government not to have other businesses when they have parliamentary duties.

He said: “Don’t ask for our votes while you [the PM and ministers] are targeted in a vote of no confidence.”

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin is having duties in the southern region.