For dreamy mist, spooky fireballs, head to Nong Khai


Making a pitch for tourism in the corner of Nong Khai where he’s a sub-district official, Sirirak Baokaew says it’s 20 degrees Celsius and you just have to come and see the morning and evening mist.

Sirirak, who calls Ban Muang sub-district home in the Northeast, said the natural mist and gorgeous breezes would persist into winter and the area had good hotels, resorts and camping sites.
He’s expecting more than a thousand visitors this season and warns that accommodations might run short, so bring a tent just in case.
Nong Khai is also the spot for watching the “Naga fireballs” leap from the Mekong River – a natural gas phenomenon or offerings from a mystical creature, it’s up to you, but it’s a sight to behold.
Sangkhom, the district that’s home to Ban Muang, has enough interesting activities to keep visitors busy for three days. As well as experiencing the seas of mist, there are caves waiting to be explored and rides through the Nong Khai Grand Canyon.
The best places for panoramic views of the mist are Phu Huay Isan, Phu Nong and Phu Pha Dak. 
Sangkhom is also the gateway to charming Chiang Khan district in neighbouring Loei province.