When the host becomes your hero


Booking.com is sharing the stories of the latest Booking Heroes following thousands of inspiring submissions of hospitality professionals going out of their way to make or save someone’s trip.

Each story illustrates a Booking.com partner going above and beyond to bring their guests an experience they will never forget and establish a bond between them that will exist long after the suitcases are unpacked.
This year’s Booking Heroes’ grand prize winner goes to Corrado and Angela, owners of the Around the World Bed and Breakfast in Villa San Giovanni, Italy, who treated their guests like family when one was rushed to hospital in the middle of the night. 


When the host becomes your hero


The runnersup are Sarah, owner of the Tower Suite in Auckland, New Zealand, who created an unforgettable first Christmas for a young guest; and Faith and Ferister, receptionists at the Monsoon Beach Hotel in Entebbe, Uganda, who became wedding planners for the day to create a special experience for a bride and groom and their guests at the very last minute.
 “The dedication, compassion and hospitality our partners put forth daily when creating a guest experience never ceases to amaze me, but these stories are truly remarkable,” says Pepijn Rijvers of Booking.com. 


When the host becomes your hero

New Zealand

“They bring to life the idea that a trip is so much more than just finding a great place to stay. It is about making positive, memorable experiences for our customers, turning hospitality into heroism.”
 With almost two-thirds (63 per cent) of global travellers stating that a stay has been improved by the person managing their accommodation going above and beyond, partners like the Booking Heroes are setting the bar high when it comes to offering guests the best experience possible. 
“We were in the right place at the right time with the right people,” said Kim Spann, a Booking Hero nominator in the United States. “It’s extraordinary. I’ll be eternally grateful for everything that they did for us.”