The average IQ level of Thais is ranked 5th in ASEAN and 64th globally


According to the World of Statistics, the Japanese have the highest IQ in the world, ranking first with a score of 106.48. Thailand is ranked 64th globally and in the ASEAN region, it comes in fifth place behind Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

The information from the World of Statistics cites research on IQ in 2009 by Richard Lynn and David Becker. Taiwan comes close to Japan with a ranking of 106.48 followed by Singapore with an average IQ of 105.89.

Chinese individuals have an average IQ of 104.1, ranking fifth globally. Meanwhile, Americans have an average IQ of 97.4, placing them in 29th position. Thais, on the other hand, have an average IQ of 88.87, securing the 64th spot worldwide.

For the average IQ of countries in the ASEAN region, Singapore leads the way, followed by Cambodia with an average IQ of 99.75, securing it the 15th position worldwide. Myanmar is ranked 52nd globally with an average IQ of 91.18, while Vietnam holds the 60th spot with an average IQ of 89.5. Thailand is placed 64th globally with an average IQ of 88.87.

The classification of IQ levels by David Wechsler is as follows:

More than 130: Highly intelligent, exceptionally bright

120-129: Very intelligent

110-119: Above-average intelligence

90-109: Average intelligence

80-89: Slightly below average intelligence

70-79: Borderline deficiency

Less than 70: Intellectual disability

That places Thailand in the category of “Slightly Below Average Intelligence”.

Several factors contribute to the average IQ:

Genetics: Research indicates that genetics plays a significant role in IQ. Inherited traits can influence cognitive abilities.

Economic Conditions: Countries with a strong economy tend to provide better education and nutrition, affecting the average IQ.

Education: Quality education promotes intellectual development and influences average IQ.

Health: Good health, especially during childhood, has an impact on intellectual development and average IQ.

Other Factors: Cultural aspects, environment, and upbringing are additional factors influencing IQ.

However, it's important to note that IQ is just one measure and doesn't capture the entirety of a person's intelligence. Success in life is influenced by various factors such as life skills, motivation, diligence, and perseverance.