Myanmar general killed in drone attack near Thai border

SUNDAY, APRIL 21, 2024

A commander of the Myanmar junta’s armed forces has been killed in a drone attack by anti-government forces near the Thai-Myanmar border.

Brigadier-General Soe Min That, commander of the 44th Division controlling the Pha Song camp, 275th Infantry Battalion, Myawaddy, was killed on the battlefield near the Thai-Myanmar border.

Armed ethnic groups have launched an air operation against Myanmar soldiers using drones and dropping bombs near the Thai-Myanmar border checkpoint at the Second Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge, opposite Ban Wang Takhian, Tha Sai Luad subdistrict, Mae Sot district, Tak province, causing the deaths of many government troops.

Brigadier-General Soe Min That’s camp was opposite Rim Moei village, Tha Sai Luad subdistrict, Mae Sot district.

Despite being in a disadvantaged area on the battlefield, he never yielded to the enemy after withdrawing from the Pha Song camp. He was killed by drones on the battlefield.

Myanmar’s military regime may coordinate through the Thai-Myanmar Border Committee to request the repatriation of the general's remains to Mae Sot District. However, at this writing there hasn't been confirmation on the details of repatriating the body.