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Laughter heard among grown-ups

Aug 15. 2017
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Nigel Pike (Letters, August 15) continues to make me laugh with his quite remarkable playground politics.

Take this gem as an example of amateurish thinking: “If civil war breaks out in Western Europe, as seems likely, it will be the fault of the EU, following a half-century of wilful misgovernance and treason on a continental scale.” 

Treason? Good grief, these fairy stories have been peddled around the chambers of European far-right padded cells for years, particularly among inmates fuelled by crackpot conspiracy-theories who “wilfully” ignore the lessons of history and absorb mendacious tripe if it suits their doublethink lunacy of Brexit and “The Matrix” interpretation of what they consider to be “reality”.

My suggestion is disarmingly straightforward: Leave the serious stuff to those of us capable of discussing the issues in a grown up and serious manner, and keep the insults for the Collective Voice’s internal waffle. Let’s face it – leaving the EU is a matter of great historical, political and economic moment, and discourse should be conducted accordingly. Dismemberment of a necessary if occasionally cumbersome edifice has implications on a global scale, and obviously suits Putin’s Machiavellian plans nicely. 

I am quite happy to continue telling the unpalatable truth to the deluded, whether through the medium of The Nation or otherwise. In the interim, you may be assured that the guffaws will continue.

Dr Frank

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