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Some burn their skin brown, others poison it white

Nov 24. 2017
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Re: “12 out of 50 whitening cosmetics found to have mercury”, Thai PBS, yesterday.

Funny world! Westerners expose their skin to harsh UV rays (natural or artificial) to get a tan, and risk skin cancer, while here they try to lighten their skins with hazardous creams containing dangerous dosages of mercury and hydroquinone.

Both practices are about showing “face” to society. In the West a brown tan shows high social status, as it suggests you just came back from a holiday in Aruba, St Tropez (or Thailand). In the East white skin suggests “I’m not a farmer and have a chauffeur, so don’t get sun burnt walking around in the day, etc. In other words, I’m hi-so.


If it had arsenic in it, some would still use it, born in the wrong place maybe and forget beauty is not just skin deep.


It would be more helpful if the Medical Science Department listed the names of the 12 cosmetic products containing mercury and set up a system for reporting where these items are being sold.


I’m a naturally pasty person. Used to bother me when I was younger being back in the UK, as people want tanned skin. Nowadays, I’m still pasty and avoid too much sun. It really isn’t worth risking skin cancer to appease any social norm or desires. 

Same goes for the girls who wear whiteners – it’s moronic. 


I look forward to the day when Thai people will be happy with whatever colour they are and stop using POISON on their skin. Whitening cosmetics are a scam and a public menace.



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