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More astonishing evidence of Orwellian gender politics

Dec 17. 2018
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I have enjoyed the animated debate between Nigel Pike and his opponents on the vexed issue of gender identity and the increasingly bizarre politics surrounding it.

I generally support Mr Pike’s uncompromising stance, and further evidence is emerging all the time to show that he is on the right track.

Last week it was announced that the gift shop in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh would no longer sell Gingerbread Men, a traditional Yuletide treat, but would instead sell Gingerbread Persons. This vital decision was apparently taken to avoid causing offence and distress to shop staff and customers. Really, you couldn’t make it up. Higher earning Scots now pay around 1,500 pounds more in tax per year than if they lived in England, and if this is an example of what they get for their money, then this is one Scot who is happy to be an exile.

More disturbingly, authorities in the English town of Brighton are planning to teach eight-year-old children that “boys” can menstruate when they reach puberty. It has also been revealed that, over the past five years, the number of children seeking help from gender reassignment clinics in England has quadrupled. Hardly surprising when impressionable youngster are made to undergo indoctrination on issues they can barely understand by seemingly deranged education officials straight out of some Orwellian dystopia.

Robin Grant


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