Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The real emergencies that Don is ignoring   

Feb 19. 2019
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While President Trump imagines and exaggerates an emergency on the southern border, the real emergencies in the US go on uncontested and ignored. With 40,000 gun deaths in 2017 you would think that maybe a proper form of gun control would be in the offing, but no such luck.

The disappearance of a large portion of the ice caps has scientists around the world crying in their sleep, but Donald has no problems dreaming it will all go into reverse despite more oil and coal use. 

Perhaps knowing 75 per cent of all prisoners in local jails haven’t been convicted of a crime would wake him up, or maybe the fact that people in Flint haven’t had proper drinking water for many years would stir his conscience. Add in healthcare worries, the inability to pay for prescription drugs, racist voter suppression and ecological devastation and its clear to see there are plenty of “emergencies’ that truly need fixing, but good old Don would like us to believe it’s the wall that Trumps everything else. What a danger to his country this man is.


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