Tuesday, September 17, 2019

‘Divine’ messengers reveal a sordid truth about ‘God’

Mar 06. 2019
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Both the Bible and the Koran are believed by their adherents to be the perfect word of God. Well, at least at the time they were written. Since then God has added some sexy supplements using the penname of Joseph Smith (“The Book of Mormon”). 

More recently, L Ron Hubbard’s revelations brought us the real truth: we humans are Thetans. According to Ron, our ancestors were brought to Earth in a plane similar to a DC-8. They were then bussed to volcanoes all across the planet. Once there they were lowered into these volcanoes along with hydrogen bombs. Then came the Big Bang(s)! Only a few survived. They are our ancestors.

Oops, I almost forgot: present-day Scientologists don’t kill non-believers.

A Bangkok Atheist

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