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Dell EMC and Inet join forces on cloud offering

Nov 21. 2018
Morragot, left, and Anothai
Morragot, left, and Anothai
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DELL EMC Thailand has joined with Internet Thailand (Inet) to provide Inet Dell Could as a service to help Thai businesses, along with other companies across the Indochina sub-region, embark on digital transformation.

The company said Inet Dell Could will offer not only infrastructure as a service but platform as a service as well as Big Data analytics as a service. This will encourage businesses to transform to the digital realm with greater insights into data for decision-making. Both companies invested on their own to build the capability to offer the service and they both also do the marketing.

Morragot Kulatumyotin, managing director of Inet, said that the mission of the collaboration is to offer cloud services in Thailand to help Thai businesses to carry out their digital transformation successfully.

“We offer world-class technology standards by Thai engineers,” said Morragot. “We are building the use cases of platform as a service and Big Data analytics as a service. There are many businesses that need know-how to apply Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoTs) to their business context through the use of a cloud platform.”

She said that Inet Dell Cloud is expected to have a growth rate of 30 to 40 per cent per year, matching that of the growth rate for the cloud service industry in Thailand.

 “Cloud is a part of the digital transformation journey,” said Morragot.

30% less investment 

“Some newly established companies might to cloud first, while some businesses expand or move to the cloud in order to empower their business capability with efficient investment costs. Compared to existing technology platforms, a cloud platform offers a 30 per cent in reduction in the total cost of investment.”

One of the highlights of Inet Dell Cloud is the multi-cloud service.

Anothai Wettayakorn, vice president of Dell EMC Indo-China, said that according to IDC, by 2020 over 90 per cent of enterprises around the world will use multi-cloud service platforms.

And, according to the Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index (DT Index), around 63 per cent of Thai businesses are interested in investing in multi-cloud environments within the next three years in order to power their business transformation. 

A multi-cloud approach offers optimised benefits to businesses, but it is challenging for large data centres as well.

 “Our collaboration aims to help customers adopt and deploy the cloud platform of their choice built on Dell EMC’s cloud infrastructure solutions. Together with Inet’s expertise and local experience, this will enable Inet Dell Cloud to support businesses in Thailand as they transform their approach to the cloud and optimise their cloud investments,” said Anothai.

 He said that multi-cloud is Dell’s worldwide strategy since cloud is the best operating model to provide IT services. 

To execute this strategy, Dell needs a strong local partner, like Inet, to deliver the services to primary businesses in Thailand and in the Indochina sub-region as well.

Cloud service provision is a global strategy of Dell in Indochina and Inet is its first partner.

“We want to make Thailand to become the hub of data analytics in Indochina,” said Anothai.

IDC forecast that by 2021, revenue for Big Data and business analytics solutions in Asia Pacific (excluded Japan) is expected to reach US$22.2 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 14.4 per cent from 2016 to 2021. IDC predicts that Thailand, with a CAGR of 18.2 per cent, will be among the top three countries to experience the fastest growth in Big Data and business analytics solutions spending over the same period.

Inet Dell Cloud services will be delivered from three major Inet data centres - two in Bangkok and one in Saraburi.


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