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Korean singer to vloggers: Don’t use YouTube solely for money

Apr 13. 2019
inho Bae (Photo by CONSUELO MARQUEZ /
inho Bae (Photo by CONSUELO MARQUEZ /
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By Philippine Daily Inquirer
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MANILA, Philippines — Vloggers must be passionate about their work and not chase after money, South Korean singer Jinho Bae, a YouTube star who first gained popularity here, said on Saturday.

“There are really people that are chasing after the money. If you are after that, you won’t last long. So you really need love and passion,” Bae, speaking partly in Filipino, told reporters on the sidelines of the Oreo Win and Play Promo event at Eastwood Mall in Quezon City.

The South Korean singer said being a YouTube content creator would really be difficult without passion as there were other problems such as filming and getting good audio.

“You need to have passion. People don’t realize that when I say that when you start with YouTube that it’s really difficult. If you really don’t love it it’s hard,” he said. “Trust me the subs [subscribers], the audio and then the weather. There are some places where you need a permit to film. So you know, if it is not for love, it”s quite difficult.”


Happy go lucky Filipinos

Bae also shared his experience with Filipinos.

“There is this weird thing about Filipinos. You know, happy-go-lucky, ‘bahala na’ attitude that could sometimes be bad. [But] I think that is good,” he said.

“If I talk with my Korean friends, we talk about problems,” he added. “But when I talk with my Filipino friends, it is always about kalokohan — like the good things in life.”

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