Sun, May 29, 2022


Exodus from Bangkok as national bus service resumes after 1 month

Interprovincial buses began operating again from Bangkok on Wednesday (September 1) after the service was shut down for a month due to the Delta outbreak. The service is a vital link between Bangkok’s army of migrant workers and their hometowns upcountry.

Bus operator Transport Co said its services had resumed on eight routes to the North, 10 routes to the Northeast/East and eight routes to the South. However, the number of trips was still down 30-40 per cent on normal levels.

On Wednesday morning, passengers had booked 44 per cent of seats on Northern buses and 20 per cent on Northeast/East buses, said Transport Co president Sanyalux Panwattanalikit.

The buses are allowed to operate at 75 per cent passenger capacity with Covid controls, including a ban on eating.

Published : September 01, 2021