Thai news websites offering English and Chinese options

MONDAY, APRIL 29, 2024

Following Nation TV's introduction of "Natcha" and "Nichan", the first AI news presenters in Thailand, at the beginning of April, Nation Group has announced another hi-tech service.

Effective May 1, foreigners will be able to follow news and information through the Krungthep Turakij, Thansettakij and Post Today websites by pressing the language selection button. This will allow them to read in 3 languages, Thai, English, and Chinese. They can also press the "listen" button, where AI will read the news aloud according to the selected language.

Somchai Meesen, vice chairman of Nation Group, said that advances in technology have erased the boundaries of accessing news and information worldwide. However, due to past language limitations, foreigners still needed intermediaries to receive news from Thailand. With the advent of AI, these language barriers have been dismantled.

“Giving foreigners more access to our website will create new business opportunities with products or services being communicated to international customers,” Somchai said.