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FRIDAY, September 29, 2023

The First 100 Days for Launching Business Transformation on The Best Journey to Success

The First 100 Days for Launching Business Transformation on The Best Journey to Success
MONDAY, May 29, 2023

Despite being aware that digital disruption, COVID-19, and now with AI are making many companies struggle and rush to transform digitally, most organizations fail and still have no explicit plan or approach to make a change and tackle the new challenge.


Is your organization facing these challenges? 

Although top executives are aware of digital disruption and the need for digital transformation, we have not seen any changes within the organization that indicate a prompt and adequate response to the changing situation.

Digital strategies have been implemented without continuity or all-level integration.

Many organizations have numerous digital projects that are separately executed, resulting in fewer benefits or smaller returns on digital investments than first anticipated. 

Despite the significant amount of investment in digital transformation, our executives still fear that they might have made the wrong decision.


4-Step to embark on a business transformation in 100 days

According to Digital Transformation Academy’s Annual Report, the 4 steps in the business transformation will make you certain that ‘The Investment to Create Change’ of the organization will help create meaningful benefits and real value for the business.

The First 100 Days for Launching Business Transformation on The Best Journey to Success


From profound insights comes a good digital strategy

To begin business transformation is to raise awareness about the necessity and urgency of everyone’s participation with an understanding of 5 Digital Transformation dimensions: the changing competition, the customer experience, winning with data, building an innovation beyond the existing business model, and organizational transformation.


The next question is, “How should we begin?”

The next step before taking action in transforming, organisations should start by 

(1) Establishing a Transformation Office which is responsible for turning corporate strategy into action. This approach is different from the “Agile Approach Within” and the “Project Based” approach which create less outcome, uncertainty, highly dependent on collaboration, and unsustainable.

(2) Measuring their “Digital Maturity Level” to understand their “Digital Readiness” which indicates how ready they are to transform digitally. This leads to mutual understanding across the organization and is used as a starting point for development, improvement, and execution.


Design the roadmap for transformation

To make a real change happen organizations need to design a roadmap for digital transformation by 

(1) Identifying the gap between your current digital maturity level and the future goal developed under the new digital plan,

(2) Prioritising digital maturity needs by focusing on the dimension that will lead to a significant change first,

(3) Planning your current and future operations and the desired objectives within a timeframe, and

(4) Designing organizational changes with the interests of all stakeholders in mind.


It’s time to gear up and make a real change.

Digital Transformation is a continuous process that repeats in a loop and we don’t need to be perfect or 100% ready. We can start launching priority digital initiative(s) by creating a product prototype or preparing key components and testing them to collect data and feedback from users and other related parties. Afterward, we can begin the measuring and learning process that needs to be repeated in a loop.

The 4 steps in the first 100 days can help you create the snowball effect with positive momentum toward your goals, and accelerate your transformation journey to succeed in reality.

Don’t know if you’re on the right track!

Check this out The First 100 Days for Launching Business Transformation on The Best Journey to Success Start business transformation like running a marathon, we shall start with small steps, appreciate the success of every step, and enjoy every moment of your journey.