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Eight Trang districts declared flood disaster zones

Dec 02. 2017
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The Trang provincial administration on Saturday declared eight of 10 districts flood disaster zones to speed up help to the affected people.

The provincial administration reported that on-going flooding has affected about 100,000 people from some 30,000 families in the eight districts and that three people have died so far.

Province officials said 200,000 rai of farmland and 20,000 rai of paddy fields have been inundated.

The floodwaters kept rising following five days of rains. Authorities said the floodwaters in Tambon Na Ta Luang were about two to three metres high and several houses were entirely flooded, while about another 100 houses saw the water reaching their roofs.

The Wat Praisont School in Moo 4 village of in Tambon Na Ta Luang was under about two metres of water.

Education zone 1 and 2 officials in the province reported that more than 50 schools had suspended classes indefinitely because of the floods.

Authorities said the situation might be worse in a few days when the upstream floodwaters from Nakhon Si Thammarat are expected to reach Trang. There will also be a high sea in two days.

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