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MONDAY, October 03, 2022
DKSH to distribute health, beauty products of Scotch Industrial

DKSH to distribute health, beauty products of Scotch Industrial

FRIDAY, January 06, 2017
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SCOTCH Industrial (Thailand) has joined a business alliance with DKSH, a market expansion services provider of consumer goods and now the official dealer of Scotch health and beauty beverage products in the Kingdom and else-where in the region under the Scotch brand.

Scotch says it is confident that the overall market of health products will be robust this year.
“We are very pleased that DKSH will be officially in charge of broadening the market of Scotch’s products in traditional trade in Thailand,” said Sompoch Chavalvechakul, marketing director of Scotch Industrial (Thailand). “We also believe that DKSH’s potential and competence will help to distribute our products to reach all target groups of consumers across the country through new channels by the end of 2017.
“At the same time, apart from the domestic market, Scotch has a plan to expand products to overseas markets. Previously, DKSH distributed [Scotch] products only in Myanmar. From now on, DKSH will be a major force in distributing more products to Southeast Asia’s markets, namely Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. 
“We are ready in terms of a production capacity of more than 700 million bottles a year to meet customers’ demand in all distribution channels, including the escalating base of customers because of the collaboration with DKSH. 
“We believe that Thailand’s overall economy in 2017 is likely to be [on] a good trend, especially healthcare. As for consumers, they are more interested in food supplements. [With] more distribution channels, the products can reach more consumers or target groups.”
Leonard Tan, vice president of DKSH’s Business Unit Consumer Goods, said the market for food supplements in Southeast Asia had risen extensively. 
He said that because of the success in importing Scotch’s products by DKSH in Myanmar five years ago, “Scotch trusts us to become a dealer in enlarging markets of health and beauty products under the trademark of Scotch”. 
“To drive and provide an opportunity in this business, Scotch and DKSH officially signed an agreement to provide market and sale services of Scotch products in Thailand [as well as] international markets such as Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam,” he said. “This cooperation is considered the result of the success of DKSH’s strategy for the most significant healthcare product category in Asia. 
“Meanwhile, it proves that we have experience and expertise in this product group. DKSH has been [present] in Thailand more than 110 years with over 11,000 local employees as well as the competent and professional network that enables Scotch to certainly achieve the goal indeed.” 
Scotch Industrial (Thailand) has four health and beauty product categories. They are the Scotch Bird Nest product group; the Scotch Essence of Chicken product group; the Scotch Puree product group;|and the Scotch Collagen product group.