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Sustainable thinking documented by employees in Siemens photo exhibit



Siemens hosted its inaugural Flash Forward Thailand photo exhibition today to demonstrate how the company uses sustainable thinking in every aspect of its business in Thailand.
The photo exhibition at Duke Contemporary Art Space showcases images of sustainability practices at Siemens as employees documented and shared the company’s contributions to Thailand where it has been operating for more than 117 years, said Siemens Thailand President and CEO, Markus Lorenzini.
“This photo exhibition is designed to recognize the great work Siemens people are doing in marrying successful business practices and good sustainability practices,” he said. “These amazing photos are evidence that our sustainability platform is making strong contributions to the development of Thailand.”
Siemens built its sustainability methodology, called Business to Society, based on the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Siemens focuses on five key aspects of sustainability: economic development, human capital, the environment, quality of life and community.
Every project Siemens undertakes must meet the company’s benchmarks for sustainability. Siemens uses its Business to Society platform to evaluate every project under consideration in Thailand.
“The key is that these are long-term efforts we are making,” said Lorenzini. “We’ve operated in Thailand for more than 100 years, and we hope to operate for many more. But to do so, we must take care of both business and society. That’s what today’s photo exhibition is all about.”
Aligned with Thailand’s digital transformation policies, Siemens is investing in innovation and technology. One example of this is fostering Thailand’s engineering talent with the local development of four engineering hubs to serve regional and global clients.
The Flash Forward Thailand is then a platform to demonstrate Siemens’ contribution in Thai society, which leaves benefits to Thai people in sustainable way.

Published : September 29, 2017

By : The Nation