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TUESDAY, October 04, 2022
Bang & Olufsen turn to Morocco for inspiration for their seasonal launch

Bang & Olufsen turn to Morocco for inspiration for their seasonal launch

WEDNESDAY, November 21, 2018
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RTB Technology has joined hands with King Power to introduce the seasonal collection from Bang & Olufsen (B&O), a well-known audio brand from Denmark.

The brand’s autumn/winter 2018 collection offers a range of limited-edition premium headphones, speakers, and its latest wireless earphones, all inspired by the global fashion and interior colour trends of the season.
The AW18 Collection pays tribute to the rich colours found in the ancient natural world, taking its inspiration from the old city of Marrakesh, with its timeless colours, textures, and hues – rich, warm, and harmonious.
The products themselves are a stunning juxtaposition of past and future – beautiful technology combined with colours grounded in the past and inspired by its origins, according to the audio company.
The AW18 colour palette includes Dark Plum, a rich, saturated colour inspired by the fruits of the souk, ancient ceramic pots, and Moroccan carpets. Terracotta, a warm, earthy shade resembles terracotta walls and tiles, clay and spices; and Limestone, a light, natural colour is inspired by the vast sand dunes and the light of the desert, said the release.
The earphones are made with premium materials for hard-core disciples to experience classically designed earphones to match the digital age.
The ear set supports phone calls and music control as required. The body is made with anodized aluminium for a classic look and durability and soft rubber for comfortable wearing, the release said. The Ear set comes with battery for up to five hours of playtime, available in the Limestone colour for Bt12,990.