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“Pay with Krungthai NEXT” service on Facebook launched

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Krungthai Bank has launched “Pay with Krungthai NEXT” service on Facebook for online shoppers



Praralee Ratanaprasartporn, Krungthai’s senior executive vice president and head of services group data innovation, and Kathy Chang, Payments Partnership Manager, APAC from Facebook have jointly launched “Pay with Krungthai NEXT” service on Facebook for online shoppers.
The service will create payment experience to online shoppers who purchase goods and services from online stores via Facebook without using bank account number or switching multiple screens and applications.  
Praralee revealed that as the bank has announced digital strategy to move forward to the first Invisible Banking in Thailand.
The bank determined developing payment innovation in response to government’s Digital Economy and National e-Payment policy and also encouraging payment and money transfers transaction via electronic channel.
“As in the present, consumer turns to proceed transaction via mobile banking due to the lifestyle of most people living with smartphone and purchasing products and services via online channel which faster and more convenient.
On response to the growth of the social commerce market in Thailand, the bank has partnered with Facebook to launch Pay with Krungthai NEXT on the Facebook Messenger platform.
The service can create easy payment experience to online shoppers by connecting link from Messenger application with Krungthai NEXT to use as product and service payment channel via mobile banking.
Customers can click “Pay with Krungthai NEXT” which makes customers unnecessary to remember store’s bank account number and switch the screen to open an application for payment.
The payment will be confirmed immediately by sending confirmation to the store right after transaction completed which enables the store to close the deal easily, safer and more convenient than traditional transactions.
The bank wish this service also help strengthening the online trading business’s competitiveness to retail customers as well service to support and facilitate customers who purchase products and services from online store via Facebook especially for up-country customers which are the bank’s vital customer base.

Published : December 11, 2018